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Here you will find about Akkalkot, Solapur, things to see, tourist destination, spot, tourism attraction, sightseeing and a weekend gateway in Akkalkot.
Welcome to Akkalkot in Solapur. Here you will find more info about Akkalkot which is one of the best places to visit in Solapur, do sightseeing and eat. It is one of the weekend gateway, a tourist spot and a tourist attraction in Solapur. This place is visited by many people every year from different parts of the world. This place can be enjoyed by all age groups from kids to elders.

Akkalkot is a city council in Solapur. This place is regarded to be a religious place of visit. Shri Swami Samarth Maharaj is praised and worshiped here throughout the day and night. This deity is believed to be the avatar of Lord Dattatreya. The shrine of this deity that resided here for two decades is now attracting people or rather devotees from across Solapur who have utmost faith in him and messages that are believed to be given by the apparent speaking tree. Food and accommodation is provided to devotees costing no charge at all. People wanting to know more about Indian beliefs, people, culture etc. can visit Akkalkot in Solapur.


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